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Pop Punk Zombies Review

I’m going to be honest here and say that I never would have thought that somebody would make a film about zombies who turn into rock stars or in this case pop stars. Well they did and it’s called Pop Punk Zombies. Yes, it’s about a greedy music producer who decides to resurrect the dead and turn them into musicians and he calls the zombie rock stars ‘The Vicious Vegans,’ ironically so. Well, mayhem starts when an anti-zombie worker group decides to unchain the zombies so that they could be free, causing them to kill and eat the people who have come to the party. Now, it’s up to two friends, and ex-girlfriend and one of the zombie activists to try to stay alive. I enjoyed this movie for all the wrong reasons and for the gore, even though the entire storyline is completely flawed and illogical.

I thought the idea of civilizing zombies was good and to make them into rock stars was even better ‘cause the idea of smart civil zombies isn’t uncommon. Case in point: Fido. However, I think the transition from zombie to rock star could have been made a little more fluid. The zombie band members’ groan, howl, growl and walk like traditional zombies and then once they straighten up almost instantly and start to sing and play the instruments like normal people. I found it a little tacky and it would have been better if the transition were a little more gradual.

The other thing that seemed to really bother me is the logic behind everybody’s actions. I understand that most zombie movies are sometimes purged of logic but in this movie, it’s kind of annoying. If this were in real life or movie world, there will be people for a zombie band and against a zombie band so it works out. Now knowing what zombies are capable of doing and how they work, why would the anti-zombie work group think that setting zombies free would benefit the zombies and the people? I would think that liberation would involve shooting them and killing them. There is no logic behind why they think that zombies would take over the work force just because they have a band and there is no logic behind why zombies should be given a chance to play instruments. I don’t want to sound like I am being too whiney about this because it’s just certain parts of the reasoning baffle me.

You’re probably asking me, what did I actually like about the movie? Well, as I said before, I liked the idea of taking zombies form the grave and turning them into zombies. I thought it was a very fun idea that could be taken to new levels. Also, I really enjoyed the gore. It’s been a while since I saw a really good indie zombie flick that had good gore. The makeup was fantastic and though it’s not your traditional zombie makeup, it worked with the film. I enjoyed the little love thing between the two main characters in the movie and you kind of feel for them, especially midway into the movie. And that song… the main song the zombies sing… it’s stuck in my head… and I love it.

Overall, I was entertained and I did like the movie to some point but for me basic logic needs to be put into zombie movies and I don’t know why, but it just really bothered me in this film. I won’t completely discredit the movie because of this and I will recommend this movie to zombie lovers because it’s not bad but don’t go in thinking that it’s a masterpiece

Written by FreddysFingers

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