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On the Set of HELL

Tony Wash of Scotchworthy Productions is at it again. After the success and recent distribution deal for “Its My Party And I’ll Die If I Want To”. Tony is back with another indie horror flick. This time it’s all about zombies, Nazi Zombies. “A Chance in Hell” is described by Tony as a movie that “takes place during the winter of 1944-45 in a German facility. American soldiers happen upon the facility and have to survive an onslaught of ‘super solider’ zombies”

Horror Society had the pleasure of visiting Tony on the set to see some of the ‘super solider’ zombies for ourselves. Shooting in an old factory building in Elgin, IL definitely sets the tone for a creepy zombie movie. The day we visited they were shooting a bunker scene with real blanks – really loud blanks. That’s cause Tony takes his work seriously he wants it to sound real, look real, and feel real. From the gunfire to the rusted German signage to the extensive SFX makeup that took upwards of 2-4 hours for some of the cast you can tell there is an undeniable amount of work put into this film. Another really cool thing about the shoot was that the cast is working with hi-def Red cameras something most indie film makers don’t get a chance to do.

Tony Wash is producing “A Chance in Hell” with Christopher Patrick of Scotchworthy, Jason Patfield of Bublenutz Productions, and Bennie Woodell of Jiang Hu Productions. For additional information on Tony Wash, Scotchworthy Productions and “A Chance in Hell” visit the following links:

Written by Mitchell Wells

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