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The Sleepwalker Strangler

DIRECTED BY: Gary Whitson
REVIEWED BY: Mario Dominick

W.A.V.E. Productions, well known for their custom videos with themes of nudity, sex, strangulation deaths, asphyxiation, and drownings, bring us their latest offering The Sleepwalker Strangler which is a collaboration between themselves and Phil Herman of Falcon Video, Joe Sherlock (BLOODSUCKING REDNECK VAMPIRES), and Luc Bernier (DIARY OF NIGHTMARES).

A serial killer is stalking women all over the city. The killer’s various victims meet their ends via strangulation and electrocution. The authorities are puzzled as to the motivations of this killer and these bizarre crimes. One cop has trouble with sleepwalking and at one point wakes up wearing a pair of black gloves identical to that which the killer wears. We the viewers immediately place suspicion on him but then other scenarios come into play in which suspicion can be placed on various other characters. A female cop (played by Debbie D) goes to a police psychologist (played by Deana Demko) to get her insight on what’s happening. Brainwashing soon becomes a factor and it becomes apparent that some elements in the police station itself may be behind the madness. The questions that remain are who will be able to put all the pieces of the puzzle together and who will survive in the end?

The Sleepwalker Strangler features the usual W.A.V.E. stars and alumni like Dean Paul, Debbie D, Nancy Feliciano, Toni Dragon, Deana Demko, and Caitlin Shore and features the expected nudity and death that is prevalent in their films. While not a masterpiece on the technical side of things, Sleepwalker Strangler is worth a view for fans of W.A.V.E. movies and watchers of Falcon Video product and Joe Sherlock and Luc Bernier’s work. As with all W.A.V.E. video features, the blood, boobs, mayhem, and B-movie atmosphere are what make it fun and this one is no exception.

If you’re  a supporter of independent cinema, you won’t do wrong with ordering yourself a copy of Sleepwalker Strangler on VHS or DVD-R from W.A.V.E. Also, be sure to visit the websites below.

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