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Bill Hinzman: More than just the Original Zombie. By Brian Kirst

While actor, director, writer Bill Hinzman will be forever (and rightfully) known as the original zombie for his work in George Romero’s beyond influential Night of the Living Dead, one look at his resume over the years proves that he is no one note undead drone.

Furthering his NOLD connection, Hinzman went on to appear in Romero’s The Crazies and in the early 90’s he was featured in scream queen fanatic John Russo’s stalk ‘n run epic Santa Claws with the ever wistful, eternally powerful Debbie Rochon.

Hinzman even found a creative home behind the cameras, writing, directing and appearing in FleshEater in the late 80’s – which has found a multi-featured home on Shriek Show, both individually and as part of the Zombie Pack 2 box set.

With stage productions, behind the scenes duties (Star of Jaipur, The Langoliers) and roles in Russo’s The Majorettes (which he also directed) and the star studded It Came from Trafalgar, Hinzman has also proven himself to be a good natured fan favorite by embracing his penultimate role with games of lifeless dress-up at many a convention. Good natured, talented and eclectic, Hinzman ultimately proves there is more to him than meets the eye ‘ or rapidly decomposing thumb for that matter!

(Hinzman appears at Terror in the Aisles 4 at the Portage Theater in Chicago, IL at 7 PM on Friday, May 21st.)

Written by BrianK

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