Review: Fireball

Fireball.Reviewed by Brian Kirst

Part 50’s Sci-FI eco horror and part Wes Craven’s Shocker, recent MTI Home Video release Fireball is a lively time waster.

Even the over obvious CGI effects that proliferate this effort as our villain becomes more and more combustible don’t distract too much here. It’s all just goofy fun and genre stalwarts Lexa Doig (Jason X, Andromeda) and Ian Somerhalder (Vampire Diaries, Pulse) are obviously having a blast doing their best Katherine Hepburn- Spencer Tracy impressions as an impulsive Fire Marshall and a fussy FBI agent, whom are forced to work together to try to bring the Smoky the Bear ass kicking mutant down.

Said creature is Alex Draven, a former football star whose violent addiction to steroids melds with the flames of a prison fire, providing typically disastrous results. Soon the newly powerful, revenge seeking Draven is consuming the life of his ‘enemies’ and is headed, in a red heat, toward a power plant for ultimate desecration.

Fast paced and enjoyably ridiculous, Fireball won’t rival Guillermo del Toro’s next psychological horror masterpiece, but it is tons of fun and features a nicely predictable villain in Draven (fully embodied by Canadian actor Aleks Paunovic, in a giddily destructive performance).

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