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Mr Hush Review

Mr Hush Review
by: Rob Dimension

This review is completely spoiler free, with so few having seen this film, I didn’t want to spoil anything for anyone. Hey, that’s the kind of guy I am…..

This past weekend, I was offered a great opportunity by Mr. David Lee Madison, the writer and director of Mr Hush, to be part of his Mr Hush Weekend of Fear. Let me touch on this Convention for a minute….David and his group of volunteers put on the most fan friendly con (Period)! Every fan that attended was able to speak with all the celebrities in attendance. From an invited guest stand point, they all showed class…treating everyone like top notch stars (yup…even me..believe it?), going above and beyond to make sure our weekend was fantastic….Note to David : Next time put me NEXT to Tiffany Shepis….on with the review..

Cast – The cast of characters should make most Horror fans eager to give this one a glance – Brad Loree (Michael Myers), Steve Dash (Jason part 2), Stephen Geoffreys (Fright Night) plus some amazing back up help from Thomas Churchill, Colleen Cohan, Jessica Cameron and Connie Giordano…but the film has a break out star….Edward X Young, write down his name…Mr Hush was the perfect role for him.

Brad Loree plays Holland Price, a devoted Father and Loving Husband. Unfortunately, someone has been stalking him, waiting for the right time to ruin his happiness. Mr Hush is the story of Good vs. Evil….in the end, you are really behind Holland and hope to see him overcome the obstacles for happiness. Steve Dash has a supporting role that was really tailored for him, a sharp tongued Italian type (ya…the kind that would “wack” ya), he is tremendous in this part. Thomas Churchill played another great character, the tough exterior cop, that totally fails in a comedic way…fun to watch.

All of the Ladies do great, each having a very instrumental role in our Hero’s life. They help add more flavor to the character, for me, watching this film, and I cared about them. They all came across likable on screen and you naturally adore them all. From the young to the leading ladies…great job to all. Beautiful and having acting skills is a nice change on screen.

Stephen Geoffreys is paired with our Mr Hush (X Young) character and, in my humble opinion, revives his career here. Being out of the spotlight hasn’t hurt his acting and ability to play a role he is perfect for. Every time he is on screen, you can sense magic happening.

Our lead Villain, Mr Hush, portrayed by Edward X Young was interesting. Going into this, I had no experience with his acting style. He really is over the top, both on film and in person. Extremely likable and his demeanor seeps through the camera lens and into your brain…like an infection and you find yourself memorized and smiling when he is on screen. His acting in this was top notch, I truly feel that he will make a much larger impact soon, just too good not to do so.

The Story – without giving away any spoilers, I will say that the story is fun and I enjoyed this one. Madison is not re-inventing the wheel, he is simply giving Horror fans a modernized rendition of Classic Horror….for me, I enjoy that. I am a big fan of an 80’s style horror film that doesn’t need to try to shock anyone. The story and acting carry the film, as it should. With a huge support system of believers, I am rooting for this one to go on to bigger and better! If you are looking for cheap boobs shots (well, watch our show), you won’t find it here. No excessive gore, it really isn’t needed. The special effects were simple enough and effective when shown.

I have been to a few premiers and it’s encouraging to see when a director speaks so passionately about his film. David Lee Madison really loves this…he has poured his heart and soul into this project. Everyone here at Late Night at the Horror Hotel truly hopes that Horror fans give this film a chance.

In closing, the theater was filled with people who believe in this….I was honored to have been there, I am now a believer in Mr Hush!

Check them out at Mr Hush

Mr Hush Theatrical Trailer 2 from David Madison on Vimeo

Mitchell Wells

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  1. I think I would feel better about this “review” if the author hadn’t been an honored guest at the fan convention pushing this “movie.”

  2. This review is full of fail. Apparently you were watching a different film than I, and almost everyone else who watched it. The acting was horrible, the story was silly (I wont spoil it, it’s already rotten).

    Plus being an honored guest destroys and credibility. One of the worst films I have seen in a long time, and I am a fan of 80s horror, and foreign horror. No way to disguise this stinker by calling it “cap” either

  3. The film was a horrible mess. I’m sorry I rented it from red box. Whats worse is the director David Lee Madison masquerades as a fan on facebook using the name of Adam Lewis and all he does is talk up Mr Hush as if its the greatest film ever. If you disagree with him he attacks you in the commetns and calls you stupid. He was outed in the We Love Horror Movies facebook group for the troll he is. What a jerk.

  4. It’s ashamed that David Lee Madison is getting flack for what most producers or directors want, and that is to talk up their films regardless what we think as horror movie buffs..Don’t they have that right? Wouldn’t you? Everyone has their opinion what is good or not and most of these movies are not award winning, of course, though I have not watched this movie yet, I plan to soon. This movie is his piece of art regardless and I am sure some have enjoyed it.

  5. Congratulations on your son’s film because only his father would like this piece of crap. The dialogue is so stilted and poorly written, I felt like I was watching a poorly dubbed foreign film. The acting is stiff and the director needs to learn how to teach actors how to say dialogue. The editor needs to cut the hell out of this and maybe you can get a good 40 minutes out of this. I don’t blame the actors entirely, because the dialogue is so poor, but I wish Mr. Hush would take a cue from his name and shut the heck up! My ears started bleeding every time he yelled “bloodline!”

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