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The Bunny Game Review

Being a movie reviewer, and an all around general movie enthusiast, there are seldom times when a movie ends – the screen turns to black and I am still sitting there with my mouth open, shocked at what I just witnessed. The last time I was legitimately shocked by a movie was “The Usual Suspects” and “Arlington Road”. Adam Rehmeier’s “The Bunny Game” is one of those movies that manage to leave me with that feeling of, “What the hell just happened”?

The story follows “Bunny”, a prostitute, who has a bit of a coke problem. Her daily routine of random sex, drugs, and an occasional beating seems to be the norm for her.  That is, until “Hog” picks her up. After waking (from being drugged), Bunny finds herself chained up in the back of Hog’s tractor-trailer with a video camera pointed at her, watching her every, albeit limited, move. Usually, this is the point of the review where I would dive right in.  Maybe try to give a point-by-point scenario of what happened, without really spoiling the movie for you guys.

That’s not going to happen this time.

This is not one of those movies where some guy on a computer tells you to go see it, and you should. No. This movie needs to be witnessed firsthand for the sheer realism and the way it reflects the “under belly” of society.

All things considered, to say that Bunny get’s treated terribly would be a gross understatement. For most, this movie may very well be unwatchable. However, to classify it as another movie in the “Torture Porn” catalog and chalk it up as a movie on par with “Hostel” and “Saw” would also do this film a great injustice. Seeing the things that happened to Bunny during the course of the movie left me hoping she would die quickly, so that she wouldn’t have to endure anymore. Even more shocking is that what I have read online, Rodleen Getsic, who plays Bunny, physically went through much of the abuse portrayed in the film (which is absolutely amazing and completely terrifying).

So, as “some guy behind a computer” writing this review, I urge you not to take my word for it. Go out, find this flick, and watch it. You will finish it or you won’t.  Either way, I guarantee you will talk about it.

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