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R.A. Mihailoff Interview

Interviewed by Maggie Roberge

R.A. Mihailoff is a stage, film and TV actor beginning his career in 1980 with “Lathe of Heaven,” and who was also for a brief period a pro wrestler. One of R.A.’s most famous roles is Leatherface (or Junior) in the third Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie. One of his more recent roles was Trent in Adam Green’s Hatchet 2, which only stayed in theaters for a couple weeks before it was pulled for being unrated.

How did R.A. get into acting?

R.A. originally intended on becoming an artist, like a painter or illustrator for a living. However, when he was in high school he joined a drama club run by the English department, which ultimately led to his interest in acting. He was very successful in both the drama club and the acting school he attended in New York State which was run by the Cleveland Playhouse. All his success finally got him into film acting.

Has he had any martial arts training?

All his life, R.A. has had an interest in martial arts. This also led to an interest in stage combat, and has over the years worked with various fight masters.

How was it being a pro wrestler?

R.A. had a brief wrestling career working exclusively with the now defunked American Wrestling Federation in southern California under the name of Brute Bronson, The Iron City Savage.

How did he get the role of Leatherface in Texas Chainsaw Massacre III?

R.A. originally met the director for the film (Jeff Burr) at USC, where he had worked on Burr’s student thesis film. Eventually when Burr was hired to direct Texas Chainsaw Massacre III he brought R.A. in to work on it too.

Had he seen the first two Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies?

R.A. has been a fan of the whole series for the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies, so naturally he was happy to get the role. He has seen the original theatrical releases for all of them, and hopes to work on more if there are others made in future.

Hollywood Ghost Hunters

How did he meet Rick McCallum and Kane Hodder?

R.A. originally met Kane Hodder while working on Texas Chainsaw Massacre III. Kane was the stunt coordinator for the film, so he and R.A. became friends through their work on the film. R.A. met Rick McCallum though a friend at the gym. In 2006, all three of them worked on a film called “Fallen Angels,” where they got to work in the Mansfield Reformatory Prison (famously known as the prison from “The Shawshank Redemption”). There they had their first real experience with ghost hunting as well.

Has he ever had any prior paranormal experiences?

While a skeptic regarding ghosts the supernatural, he has always been “close to death.” One of his friends growing up had a father who worked as the town undertaker, so both of them spent a lot of time either in or around the funeral home.

Will he continue to be a ghost hunter?

R.A. says he will keep ghost hunting while he is still physically (and mentally) able. He finds the hunts enjoyable, he does it with good friends, and he gets to visit strange and unusual places that normally are not open to the public. For him, each ghost hunting expedition is just plain fun.

Written by Maggie

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