SLASHER Coming Soon From Darkrider Studios

Darkrider Studios (Lethal Obsession, Mother’s Blood) is breathing life into Zack Daggy & Allen Sales’s Dark Worlds, a horror anthology of interconnecting short tales in the vein of Trick r Treat, Creepshow and Twilight Zone: The Movie. Based on Daggy’s original novel, Dark Worlds: Project 31, Dark Worlds is ready to remind you why you should fear the dark!

The first short in the series, SLASHER, is directed by Chris Jay (Lethal Obsession) and stars Beau Yotty  (Unlikely Prophets) and Michelle Shields (Frankenstein: Day of the Beast). The film has entered post-production, and now the first behind-the-scenes videos and images are hitting the Web!

William Rosum is a bit of a celebrity. He’s in the papers all the time. He’s the talk of the town. Everyone is dying to know where he’ll be, what he’ll do and most of all WHO HE’LL KILL! After 55 slayings in 5 years William has earned himself a reputation as ”The Careview Slasher,” but as he will soon learn, sometimes the price of fame can be deadly.

About Darkrider Studios
Darkrider Studios is a full service media production and marketing company based in Bloomington, IN. They’re well known for producing such critically acclaimed films as Lethal Obsession, A Christmas Scream, Fear Fair: The Movie and Meateater. Darkrider’s experience includes but is not limited to; Television Commercials, Video Production, Still Imaging (Photography), Graphic Design, Logo Design, Internet Marketing, Social Network Marketing, Web site Design and Content Creation. Darkrider is headed up by Chris Jay, Kitsie Duncan, and Lawrence McAtee.

About Zack Daggy
Zack “The Mothman” Daggy is an Internet DJ and new media entrepreneur of wide acclaim and a cult fan base. A self-professed workaholic, Zack is the host and creator of a number of original programs including The Mothpod and Midnight Spookshow.

Born in 1985 with a rare genetic disorder, Zack’s boundless energy and irrepressible imagination led him to create fantastic worlds of suspense and horror, always shot through with humor. He wrote his first story at age seven, was nominated for a People’s Choice Podcast Award in 2008 and published his first novel Dark Worlds: Project 31 in 2009. Zack lives in Indianapolis, IN, where he dreams up twisted things for a living.

About Allen Sale
Allen Sale is the voice and creator behind Astral Audio Productions, a volunteer-based audio drama group and podcast creation engine. Entertaining people through engaging story lines, insightful interviews with many of today’s creative artists, and an eclectic mix of music; he has been behind the mic since 2007.

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