Jack ‘O’ Slasher… Corn what?!

Today I was searching for some indie horror news to share with all of you. I was prepared to just shut my laptop and head to work, but some news has come in courtesy of Bradley Creanzo. Bradley “B-rad” Creanzo is one of my film school buddies and one of the few people from college who actually understand my horrific mind.

Apparently Bradley will star in a new horror film called Jack ‘O’ Slasher. The film, which will fit into the horror-comedy genre, is created almost entirely by Jennifer Valdes. Brad and Jennifer will also be joined on-screen by Omar Cordy, Fallen Fayth, Charlie Corps, Robert Youngren, Natalie Hope R., Mike De, Diane De Leon, James Balsamo, John Paul Classi, and Ashley Kagan.

The Official Facebook page summarizes Jack ‘O’ Slasher as: “A Jack ‘o’ lantern faced demon is summoned from hell by a Satanic cult to spill the blood of the innocent to ressurect The Devil and bring hell on earth!” I think this summary does not do any justice to the film, especially after some of the things I’ve seen on Facebook. Lot’s of stuff about a corn…uhm…penis… Even look at the picture in this post. Doesn’t it look like the killer jack is well…yeah…

I can’t hate on anything new even if it is a jack o’ lantern killing people with a penis made of corn. At least someone is trying to be creative and not just recycle or remake other films. So, I’ll keep you all updated as this film progresses and hopefully sees a release, just incase anyone is as sick in the mind as I am. Good luck, Jack ‘O’ Slasher.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)

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