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Urban Zombie Film Kickstarter


Sex, Drugs, Violence, Murder, Revenge, Life, Death, Pain, Suffering, Lust, Greed, Salvation, Redemption &…ZOMBIES!

We got this from Jeff about his new project…. please check it out, hear what he has to say and go donate!! Zombies and sex… worth any amount of money!!

“My name is Jeff Stewart, I’m a filmmaker based out of Trenton, NJ.

A few years back I directed a movie called “The Reunion” which was an urban take on the zombie genre. We described it as “Dawn of the Dead meets The Wire.” We finished the movie, but not without some major cutbacks that affected the finished film.

My team and I were able to move on to bigger and better things, including directing an Amazon Studios produced film called “The Velvet Elvis” (, but we always wanted to go back and finish what we started with our first feature “The Reunion”.

The reason I’m writing you is that I think you and your fan base can help us finish the movie. We have recently launched a kickstarter campaign to get the $25,000 dollars we need to clean up the sound mix, get an original score, and shoot the ending scene how it was originally envisioned.

Thank you for your time & I hope to hear from you soon.

Sincerely, Jeff Stewart





Written by Mitchell Wells

Founder and Editor in Chief of Horror Society. Self proclaimed Horror Movie Freak, Tech Geek, love indie films and all around nice kinda guy!!