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Demon In The Mist By Rickey Russell


Here is some promotional information on my horror novel Demon In The Mist. It is my first novel and third time publishing my work. My first time was poetry contributions for a book that went for Charity. My second was an entire dark poetry collection focusing on nightmares, chaos and the Apocalypse.

The story came to me during a particularly heavy fog that seemed to swallow the entire mountain community I called home. I just kept imagining a malevolent creature- a demonic monster of sorts that lurked within it-stalking me. Where did it come from?-what forces would it be driven by? One thing led to another and The Ghost Walker Tale is the resulting vision-in it’s entirety.

Demon In The Mist, my first novel.It is a story of demons, magic, relationships and enlightenment. The story is set in the Appalachians. You can find the book at Lulu, Createspace and Amazon Kindle store. The Createspace copy is in Trade Paper with an alternative book cover. The Lulu has the original book cover with original artwork by Rickey Russell.

When Karen Ison learns of the disappearance of her neighbors she searches for answers. With the help of a stranger she soon embarks on a journey that will lead her into a world of legend and magic.


Also here is a link Demon In The Mist Website


Excerpt from Demon In The Mist:

It was weakened by the old man and his magic. It new this magic well. The magic that held them back from this realm for eons, keeping them from feeding upon these hideous creations. It felt angered by the man’s power against It. Demon should be controlled by no one, not even the wretched gods that invaded and took claim on their sacred darkness. It was abomination against the chaos to allow these creatures life, with these foul sounds, smells and illuminations.

It did not want for this world. It wanted to be back with Its own malevolent forces. It loathed this disconnected place, where the vibrations and light burned, causing it pain. The darkness here in this world was not even equal to the darkness of the true chaos. How it longed to be back in the solemn abyss joined eternally in the void with Its on kind. It knew though that this place forced the dark ones to exist in torment next to man’s light. They were abomination and demon demanded their blood. Would taste their flesh and devour there life until the songs were vibrant no more. This was what It was driven to do. The only connection It felt to this place, this realm of man was a destined destruction. It craved it with the passion. It desired to return to the abyss.

It was hungry now. The old man had weakened It with his magic. Had caused it pain. It needed to feed once more upon the fluid that ran through these things. It was stronger until the old man sent it hurling back into the hills, forcing it to disperse into the mist. It lost most of the energy It had acquired- now It wanted -no-needed more so that It may fight this magic man, who was not of natural man. Demon knew the smell of the old man. The old man was deity. Forged from magic and light of the gods to rid demon from man’s world. Deities held back demon’s from entering this realm and feeding on man. They were more of abomination than man himself. Deity had magic of gods. It wanted to feed on deity as well.

It knew the deity’s energy would be enough to allow demons to break the mystical barrier and devour this putrid world with it’s songs and smells. Things that created a eternal pain and contempt throughout the darkness. The darkness had came first and was the true form of everything. Then gods came with their light and magic beating back the dark. Caging demon against a veil of insufferable sounds, that taunted the dark with things of man.

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