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The Crying Dead Terrorize Six Filmmakers September 17th, 2013 on DVD and VOD

Busted Knuckle Productions and Viva Pictures have picked September 17th, 2013 for their release of the horror picture The Crying Dead. The Crying Dead was completed in 2012 and several visual effects were added to the picture. The film was recently picked up for distribution and fans of horror can preview the film here.

The story begins in 2008 with a cast and crew, who set out to shoot a pilot for a paranormal reality show. During the first night, vague apparitions became violent hauntings. One by one they lost their lives. The Crying Dead is a diary of the final tortured moments of nine real people in an unthinkable situation (Busted Knuckle Productions).

The official DVD artwork for the film’s release is hosted above. As well, the North American trailer is hosted before. And, horror fans can find this supernatural thriller at Amazon and other video-on-demand retailers.

Release Date: September 17th, 2013 (DVD, VOD, Redbox).

Director: Hunter G. Williams.

Writers: Hunter G. Williams and Scott Michael Campbell.

Cast: Chris Hayes, Jeff Stearns, Becka Adams, Angelina Lyubomirova, Callie Cameron and Andrew Olson.

*this title was previously titled The Whispering Dead.

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