The Moleman of Belmont Avenue (Review)

mmobaposterDirector(s) – Mike Bradecich (Tyler’s New Bike) and John LaFlamboy (Tyler’s New Bike)
Starring – Mike Bradecich, John LaFlamboy, and Justin DiGiacomo
Release Date – 2013
Rating – 4/5

Tagline – “There’s Something in the Basement…”

I love when horror and comedy mesh to create a perfectly dark film that can make you squirm while making you laugh.  However, sometimes the two collide and one overpowers the other.  This is not a bad thing but the comedy or horror has to take the back seat while the other reigns throughout the film.

I personally really enjoy any mix-mash of the two.  Growing up I really enjoyed the horror comedies when there was more comedy than horror.  Everyone knows these films I am about to reference but never put much thought into them and their horror elements.  Film’s like Ernest Scared Stupid, My Mom’s A Werewolf, Teen Wolf, and Under Wraps are some that stick out to me right now but I can easily name hundreds more.

Anyway, I still look for these films when I am out at the store or browsing Netflix.  I love all spectrum of horror but after a hard days work slinging cellphones I have to sit back and watch some senseless horror comedy.  I found this one on Netflix and had to give it a go.  It looked like good ol’ fashioned fun.

**Spoiler Alert**The film follows the Mugg brothers, Marion (Bradecich) and Jarmon (LaFlamboy), who inherit an apartment building from their mother. The two are not that responsible and do not do a great job performing maintenance on the building.  Instead of using the tenants rent money to pay for electricity and gas, they use the money for other things.  This back fires on the two when the pilot light to the giant furnace in the basement goes out allowing a moleman creature to sneak in using a secret tunnel that was built during the prohibition.

The moleman lives in the walls feeding on the tenant’s pets which causes a stir among them all forcing the brothers to step in.  When the brothers stumble up on the moleman they decide to act quick before the tenants find out but once all the pets are gone the beast turns it’s appetite to the tenants making the two go down in to the moleman’s tunnel to end this once and for all…or temporarily. **Spoiler Alert**


I love when I throw a movie on and it completely shocks me.  Not because it pushed the boundaries of human emotion and the taboos of film but because I was not expecting to watch a movie that is just so damn good. Sadly, this movie is more of a comedy/stoner comedy than a horror flick but that did not ruin it for me at all.  As much as I loved this film I would have loved it even if I was younger because this movie is perfect for those just now getting into the genre and not used to seeing all the blood and gore that the more extreme flicks have to offer.  The film has simple jokes mixed with a very effective creature feature.

The acting in this one is outstanding by the entire cast.  The two leads, Bradecich and LaFlamboy, did a great job in their roles.  More films really need to come from these two.  I was also surprised to see Robert England and T.J. Jagodowski (Sonic commercial dude) in this one.  I knew nothing about this film before watching it and it was nice to see them both in this one and that bring me to another point.  I hate when I find movies that bill horror legends like Robert England, Kane Hodder, Jeffery Combs, etc as the main star and they only make a cameo appearance.  These boys knew that was wrong and went about it the right way.

The story is not that original but it is fun once the humor is in full swing.  The story actually reminded me of a few other horror classics like Troll, Cat’s Eye with the segment General, and the more recent flick Under the Bed with a menacing creature living in a home unaware to a majority of those living their and a select few fighting it.  What separates this film from the rest is the horror element is watered down with a great deal of humor.

Finally, those looking for bloody and gory deaths in this clearly did not read everything I wrote before this.  This film’s intention is to make the viewer laugh and not soak them in blood.  However, the split second we get to see the actual beast it looks fucking amazing.  Overall, this movie will entertain you from beginning to end if you are open to it.  The film is funny and the monster looks fucking amazing.  Stop reading and go watch it!



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