Night of the Living Dead getting another remake


George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead is an all-time classic movie in the horror genre. There has been countless remakes of the zombie movie. Shattered Images Films is remaking the movie and adding a different twist on the story. Co-Owner of Shattered Images Films and writer/director Chad Zuver is taking charge at the remake. With the first movie coming from the newly formed production company, Chad Zuver wanted to make a splash into the horror world. Chad already has had major success with his second movie “New Blood Rising”. This will be Chad Zuver’s third movie that he has directed.

Chad says about the remake “I love the original movie and wanted to add something new to the story”. Chad is working with many actors from his previous films like: Lee Godwin, Rebekka Daniel, Kayla Elizabeth, Lisa Marie, and James Fite. “I trust the actors I’ve worked with before. All of them were perfect for the roles I had in mind”. Gad Holland, Kayla Proffitt, Sarah Bertz Thomas, and Layla Thomas are the new comers, making their big screen debut.

“My take on the story is different, but doesn’t take away from the overall story”. says Chad. “I’m really excited about this movie and so is my cast and crew. They all want to be apart of one of the greatest zombie movies of all time”.

Shattered Images Films will be releasing “Night of the Living Dead” on October 25th in theaters everywhere. It is currently in production.

Written by Mitchell Wells

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