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Short Film ‘Tickle’ Launches Kickstarter Campaign


Bonfire Films and director Corey Norman are no stranger to horror having released the very impressive short Natal and the eerie as fuck supernatural feature The Hanover House.  Both films impressed me and turned me into a fan.  However, it has been several months since I last heard from Corey so I was wondering how long it would take him to get back in the director’s chair.  Today I received word that he will be making a another short for Damnationland 2015.  This will be an 80’s inspired gorefest.  To raise the funds needed to make the film Corey has turned to Kickstarter.  You can read below what the Kickstart page has to say about the film:

Tickle is a short horror film by Bonfire Films (The Hanover House, NATAL) that will be premiering at Damnationland 2014 this October.

et’s face it, shooting a movie isn’t cheap.  We are looking to raise a MINIMUMof $1200 to aid us in purchasing the following items to help with the production of the film.  Any funds above this amount will allow us to shoot on better quality cameras and aid in other miscellaneous expenses.

  • Food for 16 people $100
  • Props and wardrobe $200
  • Special Effects Make Up $300
  • FS700 and Lenses Rental $600 
  • Gas for our cast and crew Any Additional Funds

When making a short film, there is always risks and challenges. For instance, we are not able so send out the DVD copies of our feature film, The Hanover House, until our distribution deal is finalized later this month. The incentives are still being sent out, just not as quickly as we had hoped.

Fortunately, when creating a short film, you do not have things like distribution deals to keep you from delivering your product. We have to deliver to Damnationland by October 1, 2014. Our film with then premiere at the State Theatre in Portland, ME in mid October before screening at several other venues around the state throughout the month. DVDs will be pressed during that time and shipped the first week of November.

Those that contribute will receive some awesome perks so head over to Kickstarter and check it out.  Contribute and support indie horror!



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