Wasted – The Walking Dead meets Pineapple Express


Hi all Horror Fans I would like to tell you about a new type of Zombie show–WASTED!  4 guys in their mid 30s who just get high, watch horror films, and drink get caught up in the Zombie Apocalypse and have to do what they hate the most, be responsible!

We are The Walking Dead meets Pineapple Express, or, a live action South Park with Zombies.  And, we’re also in a competition to bring this on the air. It is through the CBC ComedyCoup accelerator where 1 project will be put on prime time.

You can see our trailer and more about it with this link:

This competition is based on voting. We’re not a traditional zombie show, nor, a traditional Horror show.  Our show is not about dreading the apocalypse. It’s about having a blast during it! And, also figuring out who will win in a 3 way with Jason, Freddy & Pinhead.

Have a look at our trailer, and, we can use all your support that is through by voting. It is a free email signup and then just follow our project. You will be updated on when to vote us in.

Thanks and always remember, its best to get WASTED!


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