Playboy Ranks the Sexiest Scream Queens of All Time: Monique Dupree, Debbie Rochon, Tiffany Shepis Make List!


Playboy, the #1 men’s magazine and multi-million dollar merchandise line, has taken a shot at some horror themed articles just in time for this Halloween season. One such article, published today by B.J. Colangelo, is a ranking of the 50 sexiest scream queens in the game.

What I Like About the List: It includes “scream queens” (I’ll get to that in a second…) from all walks of life and generations of filmmaking. You’ll find women from huge Hollywood blockbusters, women from straight-to-DVD titles, and women from independent films. You’ll find women who were in pioneering and groundbreaking horror titles, women from the golden age of horror, and some of the best up-and-comers of today. It really is a thorough, somewhat researched list.

What I Don’t Like About the List: It should be called “50 Sexiest Actresses Who Have Done Horror Films” instead. Because, honestly, some of the girls are not scream queens. Jennifer Tilly is not a scream queen, just because she was in two Child’s Play sequels. Jennifer Love Hewitt is not a scream queen, just because she did I Know What You Did Last Summer. Anna Paquin is not a scream queen, just because she did “True Blood.” The argument of scream queen vs. horror actress is raging right now, and this list may be another casualty in the debate.

You can click here to see the list for yourself (as well as sexy pictures from these talented women) or you can just see the names and numbers below.

50. Emily Perkins
49. Melinda Clarke
48. Jennifer Tilly
47. Anna Farris
46. Dee Wallace
45. Allison Hayes
44. Felissa Rose
43. Jordan Ladd
42. Mary Elizabeth Winstead
41. Scout Taylor Compton
40. Naomi Watts
39. Famke Janssen
38. Sheri Moon Zombie
37. Fiona Dourif
36. Ingrid Pitt
35. Angela Bettis
34. Fairuza Balk
33. Amber Heard
32. Jennifer Love Hewitt
31. Sara Paxton
30. Veronica Carlson
29. Adrienne Barbeau
28. Neve Campbell
27. Anna Paquin
26. Barbara Steele
25. Tristan Risk
24. Evelyn Ankers
23. Monique Dupree
22. Milla Jovovich
21. Christina Ricci
20. Sigourney Weaver
19. Maila Nurmi
18. Tiffany Shepis
17. Rose McGowan
16. Katharine Isabelle
15. Fay Wray
14. Jamie Lee Curtis
13. Sarah Michelle Gellar
12. P.J. Soles
11. Heather Langenkamp
10. Karen Black
9. Geretta Geretta
8. Debbie Rochon
7. Asia Argento
6. Caroline Munro
5. Barbara Crampton
4. Cassandra Peterson
3. Danielle Harris
2. Hazel Court
1. Linnea Quigley


Michael DeFellipo

(Senior Editor)

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