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The Diabolical Released on DVD


Shady Dawn Pictures’ second indie horror film, “The Diabolical” is now available on DVD. The film follows the plight of a teenaged girl who is being preyed upon by a ‘diabolical entity’.

13 year old Micah was orphaned after the death of her older sister Erin. Her cousin Noah and Uncle Tom take her in as she attempts to cope with the loss. Soon Micah begins hearing voices and suffering from nightmarish visions. As the hauntings take a decidedly deadly turn, she realizes that she’s become the target of a sinister entity hellbent on drawing her into the depths of darkness and despair.

“It was really scary. I started watching around 10 at night and I couldn’t stop.”
– Lynda Brown, AuthorChat Host

“There’s more than a simple horror/thriller here. There are deeper ideas… the story touches on several areas and weaves them together into a good foundation.”
– Darryl L. Pierce, A Little Dead Podcast

“The Diabolical” was written and directed by published author Ryan Callaway, based on “Cursed”, a series of short films he’d produced in prior years. In “Cursed 3: Rulers of the Darkness” the main character had a brief encounter with a grieving child named Micah in a hospital, portrayed by Seana Cleary. The allure of expanding on that idea and giving a leading role to Seana, who also acted in “The Watchers”, inspired the basis for “Diabolical”. In addition to several projects with Ryan, Seana has appeared in a number of short and feature films, including “Suburban Commando” which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.

Greg Pantaleo and Jessica Flinn also return from The Watchers along with Diezel Ramos who stopped in for a cameo as a detective.

“The Diabolical” will be available on DVD and VOD through multiple platforms, starting on Two short deleted scenes are included with more Special Features to come in 2015.

The Original Soundtrack Score, composed by Matthew Lo Re, is also available on Amazon and other websites.


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