Where Are They Now? Tanedra Howard

thWhen “Scream Queens” started to air on VH1 in 2008 it offered aspiring actresses a break out role in a popular horror movie franchise. After beating out nine other hopefuls, Tanedra Howard was declared the winner and her prize was a part in the next installment in the Saw franchise, Saw VI. The torture-flick hit theaters worldwide and viewers of the reality show saw Tanedra playing the role of Simone, the supposed opening kill. Fortunately, Simone survived Jigsaw’s trap by completely hacking off her arm and placing it on a scale. Later in the film, she is briefly questioned by the FBI and other detectives and is, obviously, none to happy with their attitudes toward her predicament.

In another surprising turn, Howard returned as Simone in the following movie, Saw 3D in 2010. This appearance, though brief, kept her in horror’s public eye, seeing how Simone popped up in Bobby Dagen’s support group wearing a full prosthetic arm and even worse attitude. In the course of two years, Tanedra Howard had gone from having two background credits to her name to being a full fledged actress. The prize, “a break out role,” had definitely been delivered in full.

So, where is Tanedra Howard now?

The role of a “scream queen” seems to be something Tanedra was never really interested in. Not that I blame her, appearing on a reality show and then in two popular horror films basically equaled a big paycheck, industry lessons, and a more impressive resume. Since the show, she’s mostly worked in comedies, romance movies, and urban pictures. Although mostly independent productions, her many gigs include lead roles in Love… Another Four Letter Word (2011), “Black Boots” in 2014, Filmmakers Anonymous (2014), Good Luck! (2014), and a supporting spot in the upcoming feature, Reggie Gaskins’ Urban Love Story.


Michael DeFellipo

(Senior Editor)

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