Indemnity: Rage of a Jealous Vampire (Review)


Director – David Dietz (Battle Lords)
Starring – David Dietz, Daniel I. Radakovich (River of Darkness), and Crystalann (Fetish Dolls Die Laughing)
Release Date – 2012
Rating – 2.5/5

Tagline – “Paybacks a bitch”

Growing up I loved all horror but I fucking loved everything 80s.  My favorite horror flicks from the 80s was the classic slasher flicks and the cheesy vampire films.  Films like Fright Night, Vamp, My Best Friend is a Vampire, Once Bitten, and so on was some of my favorite films.  I carried on a fascination with vampires for several decades until 2008 when the vampire romance film series, The Twilight Saga, was released and forever changed the way vampires were seen.

After Twilightall vampire, and most werewolf, films had to add some sort of romance to the film.  Now, before I have some of you assholes shoot me hate mail I am no fool and know that other vampire films prior did romanticize vampires but none changed the vampire sub-genre like Twilight did.  I still check out vampire films from recent year but most are shit with the exception of a few like the Fright Night remake, Stake Land, Lesbian Vampire Killers, and a few others.  Recently, director David Dietz sent me a review of his vampire film Indemnity: Rage of a Jealous Vampire.  This is one I had never heard of so I was a little excited to check it out.  Thanks David for letting me see your film!


**Spoiler Alert**The film follows William (Dietz) as he flees from something unknown.  He skips town and finally makes his way to a bar somewhere far away.  Once inside he meets the bartender and the two strike up a conversation.  He tells the bartender that he is running from a jilted lover who is hot after his ass for some revenge.  The two shoot the shit a little longer and we learn that William has a dark and sinister secret and his former girlfriend is entitled to her fair share of blood.**Spoiler Alert**

The vampire films that I grew up watching were enjoyable for so many reasons but one of my favorite aspects is the characters.  These films were very character driven with some of the characters going on to become horror icons with characters like Evil Ed and Jerry Dandridge.  Most of these films after the 1980s failed to capture this making most vampire films that followed be nothing more but films to be watched once and soon forgotten.

However,Indemnity was able to give us a great character in William that one would not expect would be so enjoyable but he is.  Sadly, his character is part of a film that does not give the character much of a story to stick out.

The acting in this film is hit or miss.  The character of William, portrayed by director David Dietz, was very well executed.  He mad the character very fun and made the film what it is.  The rest of the cast showed a lot of promise but the inexperience was also seen.  A little more experience would have went a long way.  The story for this one is simple but a little flat.  It flows very well but has nothing to really tie the viewer to the film.  It is very boring and at times hard to follow.

Finally, the film lacks on screen kills and special effects.  We do get a few vampire bites but nothing to satisfy the horror buffs and gorehounds.  Overall, Indemnity is a vampire film that could have been fun but fails with a weak story.  Though it is flawed the film is should still bee seen at least once.



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