Comic Crypt: ‘Big Trouble in Little China’ #8 Preview


Big Trouble in Little China #8


  • Writer: Eric Powell
  • Artist: Brian Churilla
  • Cover artist: Eric Powell, Alexis Ziritt
  • Publication date: January 28, 2015
  • Format: FC, 32 pages
  • Price: #3.99

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Plot Synopsis

As Lo Pan’s forces bring their terror to the Midnight Road in search of Egg and Miao Yin, Jack Burton looks to end this once and for all. Jack Burton is back, and he has brought an army…sort of. With the Lords of Death on their tail, Jack and Wang must find a way to make these two evil forces butt heads without bringing Chinatown down in the process.

BigTroubleInLittleChina_008_coverB BigTroubleInLittleChina_008_coverC BigTroubleInLittleChina_008_PRESS-4 BigTroubleInLittleChina_008_PRESS-5 BigTroubleInLittleChina_008_PRESS-6 BigTroubleInLittleChina_008_PRESS-7 BigTroubleInLittleChina_008_PRESS-8 BigTroubleInLittleChina_008_PRESS-9 Boom! Studios logo

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