Bigfoot Spotted in NY’s Prospect Park?


We’re already 30 days into the new year and there hadn’t been a good cryptid story circulating on the internet…until today.

During the “monstrous blizzard” that slammed the East Coast early last week, many states were thrown into a State of Emergency, one of which being New York. Mayor de Blasio ordered a shut down of all parks and recreational areas – among all other hotspots where becoming stranded or hurt could become dangerous – but it seems that one creature in particular howls at authority.

A snow runner is claiming that he has footage of a Bigfoot trudging its way through Prospect Park. The video shows a large, dark figure lumbering through the forest as the snowstorm hit on Monday. While it is pretty decent camera footage (for once!) the odds of it being the elusive link in the evolutional chain are doubtful. Could Bigfoot be – GASP! – another runner out in the snow? Or since it was in the snow, could it be a Yeti instead?!

Watch the video below for yourself and tell me what you think. I’m calling hoax or misidentification here.

Michael DeFellipo

(Senior Editor)

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