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American horror film, Rage: Midsummer’s Eve, set in the Arctic Circle will have its premiere on March 6th, 2015. Before that the film’s producers will let everyone join them and become an Independent Distributor for the film. The possibility to become a distributor will take effect in May 2015. The aim is to make the film available worldwide for as many viewers as possible.

La Brea Pictures LLC is announcing a large CrowdFunding campaign in order to offer the possibility to become Independent Distributors. Everyone participating in the campaign will get full access to all the available marketing materials, in order to promote the film: This will include digital posters, production stills, trailer material, promotional interviews and a specially written marketing memo which includes tips and instructions on how to reach as many viewers as possible by using social medias, and the Independent Distributors’ own contact networks to promote the film.

Distributing the actual film is very easy: The registered Independent Distributors will have a chance to post or embed a video link of the film just like they would do when posting a YouTube video link onto a website, blog or for example on a Facebook wall. Every time someone chooses to watch the film, the Independent Distributors will get a commission for their sale.

“We want to give something back for viewers who support film makers by watching their films. And what better way would there be than offering them a chance to make income for themselves by simply promoting a film,” says the film’s director, Ms. Tii Ricks. “I also hope we can reach some new audiences this way. I believe that by distributing the film through Independent Distributors we can reach people in territories which we would not be able to reach by using the more traditional distribution ways,” Ricks says.


Rage: Midsummer’s Eve premieres March 6th, 2015 through traditional distribution channels. It will have its release in Selected Theaters in the USA, as well as on Video On Demand internationally.

Rage: Midsummer’s Eve tells a story of American and British friends, living and studying in Finland, who decide to take up an offer to travel to the Arctic Circle and celebrate the mystical, ancient pagan festival of Midsummer’s Eve. The film is directed by an American-Finnish female director, Ms. Tii Ricks. The Director of Photography for the film is Mr. Lawrence Dolkart, who has previously shot music videos for artists, such as Marilyn Manson, Stone Temple Pilots and Jet, to name a few.

The film was chosen as #4 on the Top 5 Horror Trailers list published on Moviepilot in January.

Rage: Midsummer’s Eve Independent Distributor Scheme at Indie GoGo:

Rage: Midsummer’s Eve Official Trailer:


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