Women in Horror: Aieisha Li

Leprechaun Origins movie posterWith digital and special effects being one of the biggest reasons why folks gather at the movie theater, the age old departments of production that go way back to the days of Shakespeare are most often forgot about. Did you know that there is still a wardrobe and costume department? The assistants and supervisors in that department do a whole lot more than just hang up clothes and costumes after production wraps for the day. They’re in charge of making sure everything arrives to location on time, is cleaned, is labeled correctly, and more importantly – they make sure everything looks the same or fixes what needs mending so the film can remain tight on continuity as far as dressing is concerned. Also, creating costumes is obviously more difficult than just sowing things together!

That’s why I chose to recognize Aieisha Li on this day in Women in Horror Month. Aieisha Li has been a costume designer and wardrobe supervisor on a number of noteworthy flicks. From indie features to straight-to-DVD titles to box office successes, she’s worked on them all!

Aieisha’s more impressive credits include Scary Movie 3 (2003), I Robot (2004), Fantastic Four (2005), White Noise 2 (2007), Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007), Twilight: New Moon (2009), Twilight: Eclipse (2010), Magic Beyond Words: The JK Rowling Story (2011), and “Smallville” from 2001 – 2011. Most recently her resume has caught the eyes of WWE Studios and Li worked on two of the biggest straight-to-DVD titles of last year, Leprechaun: Origins and See No Evil 2.

Her other credits include work on Seed (2006), Whisper (2007), Phantom Racer (2009), “The Troop” from 2009 – 2011, The Final Storm (2010), The Killing Game (2011), and Tasmanian Devils (2013).

Michael DeFellipo

(Senior Editor)

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