Comic Crypt: ‘Monster Motors: The Curse of Minivan Helsing #1 Preview


Monster Motors: The Curse of Minivan Helsing #1


  • Writer: Brian Lynch
  • Artist: Nick Roche
  • Cover artist: Nick Roche
  • Publication date: March 4, 2015
  • Format: FC • 32 pages
  • Price: $3.99

Plot Synopsis

Transylvania, Kentucky is being overrun by Monster Motors! Vampire cars that suck gas from their victims! Lunar-powered werewolf vehicles that grow fangs and claws when the moon is full! Someone has to keep them all in check. Enter MINIVAN HELSING: four-wheeled monster-hunter. It’s his job to hunt down the Monster Motors and bring them to justice. His new target? Genius Mechanic Vic Frankenstein and his Frankenride, a monstrous mac truck made from the parts of fallen cars and trucks!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:
• Spinning out of last year’s acclaimed one-shot!
• Brian Lynch (Angel: After the Fall, Minions) and Nick Roche (Transformers, New Warriors) bring you the most famous monsters in the world, taken down an entirely new road

MonsterMotors_Helsing-pr-page-001 MonsterMotors_Helsing-pr-page-002 MonsterMotors_Helsing-pr-page-003 MonsterMotors_Helsing-pr-page-004 MonsterMotors_Helsing-pr-page-005 MonsterMotors_Helsing-pr-page-006 MonsterMotors_Helsing-pr-page-007

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