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Deadly Beauty: Horror’s Scream Queens and Rising Talent: “The Homicidal Homemaker” Kaci Hansen


Deadly Beauty: Horror’s Scream Queens and Rising Talent: “The Homicidal Homemaker” Kaci Hansen

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409633_10151314424143279_1904887574_n“Dubbed as the “Martha Stewart of the Macabre”, Kaci Hansen, more commonly known as The Homicidal Homemaker, has a passion for all things spooky and horror-related, and tries to find as many ways as possible to integrate her love of the genre in with everyday life. She is particularly well-known for her contributions to the indie-horror community, as well as her amazing pastry creations, recipes and cocktails. As the founder of Central Valley Horror Club and well-known events such as the Visalia Zombie Ball & Crawl, Kaci hosts numerous events for the horror community, including free monthly horror movie screenings throughout the Central Valley. Kaci is the host of the television show, “Friday Night Frights,” and is currently filming her own horror-themed cooking show which will premiere in early Summer 2015. Kaci has also appeared in several horror films, music videos, and was featured in two comics from Comic Book Divas – “Kaci Hansen Presents…” and “A Life Behind The Mask”. “


Location: Central California

1. How did you get into the industry?

First and foremost, my involvement with the horror genre stems from simply being a diehard fan of the genre. I spent many years traveling all over California to attend horror cons and support independent horror film festivals. I loved the sense of camaraderie that I felt at these events, and was disappointed that there really wasn’t a “horror community” in Central CA, so I decided to take a stab at organizing the area’s first horror-themed organization in 2008, Central Valley Horror Club. I started organizing free monthly horror screenings (which I still continue to do!), and the club was immediately a hit. From there, I went on to organize the first-ever zombie-themed event in all of Central CA, the Visalia Zombie Ball & Crawl, which has now become an annual event, and one of the most anticipated events in the area.

Since then, I have been involved with various projects including acting in horror films, music videos, was a finalist in Fangoria’s “Spooksmodel” Contest, and even was the hostess of a horror comic book. I went on to form a horror-themed dance troupe, and hosted the first and only horror television show to come out of Central CA. I also have been appearing at conventions throughout California and teaching horror cooking classes at them. While I do have a background of being involved in dance, music and performing arts growing up, I always saw them as hobbies and never as a career path, so a lot of those interests got put on the backburner as I focused on my education. I’m a creative-type, and was an art major in college, so I constantly need to have a creative outlet of some sort, otherwise I feel like I can’t function. Horror always inspired my artwork and pieces that I did for school, but eventually, it began creeping over into crafts and recipes that would later end up on my blog, The Homicidal Homemaker.

That is what I love the most about the horror community – it is full of the most ingenious, innovative and supportive people who share a common bond through their mutual love for the genre, that permeates their entire lifestyle, especially what creative outlets they share with the world. I say as long as you have balance in your life, do the things that you love and that make you happy, which I absolutely stand by and live up to.

While acting and having a multitude of creative outlets within the genre have been a tremendous amount of fun (and most definitely keeps me busy!), the most rewarding experience has been getting to meet and unite other fans of the genre, as well as all of the creative talent inspired by the genre.

2. What person has inspired you most?

This is a tough one, because I draw inspiration from so many people. William Castle is a huge inspiration to me, not only because I am a huge fan of his films, but also the marketing and gimmicks that went along with his films. I believe that watching a film should truly be an experience, and I wish there was a way I could go back in time and experience, “House on Haunted Hill,” or, “The Tingler,” with the full-on theatrical William Castle experience. Speaking of theatrics, Alice Cooper is another huge inspiration. I’ve listened to his music my entire life (my parents are also big fans), and the first time I got to see him perform live, I was blown away by the entire stage show. The very next day, I started making plans to form my own horror-themed dance troupe, which reintroduced me to my love of performing arts, which I had not done since I was a teenager.

3. What are the next couple projects you are working on?

Right now, my horror cooking show from The Homicidal Homemaker is in production, as well as my first cookbook, which are both very exciting projects that are keeping me quite busy. I also have several convention appearances lined up for 2015.

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