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Puppet Master 35th Anniversary Trading Cards

Dynamite Entertainment is excited to announce a new exciting set of trading cards celebrating Full Moon’s PUPPET MASTER! This stunning exclusive set of premium cards includes signed cards, art cards, rare behind the scenes images and much, much more. This first set of cards is just the beginning of a burgeoning partnership between Dynamite and Full Moon, with more PUPPET MASTER products being designed and prepped for the near future.

“PUPPET MASTER is one of the most unique and classic franchises in horror,” said Nick Barruccci, Dynamite CEO and Publisher. “We’re excited to connect with the diehard fans of the films and deliver something truly special for their collections.”

The Puppet Master series kicked off in 1989 with its eponymous first entry. Anthropomorphic puppets animated by an ancient Egyptian spell wreak havoc, equipped with dangerous devices and weapons and out to threaten people, or even to fight against other puppets. The film is considered one of the key cult hits of the home video and rental era of horror. Its massive success and following led to 10 sequels, a reboot, spinoffs, and crossovers.

To find out more about how you can get yourself a set of these super limited edition cards, go HERE!

“Dudes, Dynamite Entertainment has created an absolutely amazing and beautifully produced trading card collection. Check it out!” ~ Charles Band


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