Possible Mothman sighting in Argentina, creature caught on camera!


I think most of you are familiar with the modern folklore of the mothman right? If not I’ll give you the readers digest condensed version – Mothman is a large humanoid moth-like creature with wings and glaring red eyes. The mothman sightings have been fairly regional to the West Virginia area over the past 45 years or so. Tales say the appearance of mothman are linked to terrible catastrophic events such as bridge collapses. There was a recent sighting of an alleged mothman creature in Argentina, which is not the typical local for a sighting of this type.

A small village in Argentina recently had a rash of reported sightings of a winged humanoid creature on the loose. Citizens of Qulino, Argentina reported sightings of a strange humanoid creature appearing in the middle of the night and then mysteriously disappearing. Since the town’s population is only about 5000, reports of the creature spread quickly to local police who investigated but found nothing.

Later, a firemen Carlos Sanchez and his cop friend where leaving the headquarters when they spotted in the street at night a strange black hooded figure which matched the sightings descriptions. The mysterious entity stood still until it walked inside a closed terrain.

Thinking it could be a thief of some sort, both decided to follow the figure, whomever it disappeared in the shadows, they meet it again shortly after. Right next to a tree the figure was looking directly to them. it didn’t stay looking to them for too long, seconds after the figure opened wings and flew away. Both got really scared after seeing that (who wouldn’t?).

​After this case, the police decided to seek help from the community to locate the mysterious entity.

It was then reported that someone caught a picture of the alleged mothman on camera and we have that image for you down below.

Real or hoax it is unclear. Mothmen are not normally known to exist in that location but nothing can be ruled out.

There is a video I believe is related to this incident but unfortunately it’s in Spanish.

Source: UFO Mania


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