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Horror VHS Mockumentary WINNERS TAPE ALL hits VOD and DVD March 23


After nearly 10 years, the creators of the zombie-comedy Die and Let Live will be releasing a new feature length film, Winners Tape All: The Henderson Brothers Story.

Director Justin Channell announced Wednesday that his latest film, Winners Tape All: The Henderson Brothers Story will be available through the video-on-demand service VHX and DVD on March 23, 2016. The release will be handled through Channell’s own Brainwrap Media label, which previously reissued films from his IWC Films production team.

Winners Tape All is a mockumentary-style comedy that pays homage to the low-budget regional filmmakers of the VHS rental era and was inspired by the recent resurgence in popularity of VHS tapes among horror collectors.

The film tells the story of the films “The Curse of Stabberman” and “Cannibal Swim Club.” These straight-to-VHS ‘80s horror films were created by two stepbrothers Michael Henderson and Richard Henderson (played by Channell’s frequent collaborators Zane Crosby and Joshua Lively) and later gained a cult following.

A VHS collector and horror fan named Henry Jacoby (Chris LaMartina, director of “Call Girl of Cthulhu”) rediscovers the films and seeks out the creators, leading to the first on-camera interviews with the Henderson brothers. However, as they look back on their work, they discover they may not be as great as they remembered.

Blending elements of This Is Spinal Tap, Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace and little-known 1980s horror flicks like Cannibal Campout and Video Violence, Channell has created a mockumentary that will appeal to hardcore gorehounds who remember renting horror movies on VHS, as well as more mainstream fans of Christopher Guest comedies.

Preorders are already being accepted for the digital download at for $5. A deluxe package with bonus features is on sale for $10, which includes 18 minutes of outtakes, HD versions of the Henderson Brothers’ films (which are presented in VHS-quality in the film for authenticity’s sake) and a feature-length audio commentary with Michael Henderson.

All of the bonus features will also be available on the DVD release, which will be up for preorder soon at and will ship on or around March 23. Channell also says a very limited VHS and Blu-Ray pack is being prepared for the same release date. Winners Tape All is also expected to be available through Amazon video-on-demand and DVD sometime later in 2016.

“A must see for horror fans … a comedy made specifically for us, this isn’t some piss-take of the horror fan. It’s actually full of heart, and in many ways is very inspirational.”
– Elliott Maguire,

“Hilarious … If you are a fan of 80’s nostalgia, subtle humor and remember the 80’s VHS glory days for all their glory and infamy then this film will be a little special delight for you.”
– TJ Fowler, Gruesome Magazine

“Utterly funny”
– Mike Haberfelner, (re)Search My Trash

“ If you’re a fan of the [shot-on-video] era, Winners is well worth checking out.”
– Cody Hamman, Life Between Frames


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