Crypto 2016: Man Films “Bigfoot” in Utah.


It’s been a while since a cryptid sighting was reported to the media, but I’m not going to call this video “good evidence.”

The video, provided by The Paranormal Review, was apparently filmed in Rayson Canyon, Utah in the Spring of 2015. The man behind the camera told that he kept the footage to himself because he was, “too nervous and embarrassed to show anyone who might think he was crazy.”

Right… I’m sure that was the real reason. Obviously, this is another case where the footage is good quality but the witness isn’t in close enough proximity to the “bigfoot” for us to get a sufficient look.

And I have to add that black bear are frequent members of the wildlife in that area. So, whether it be a bear, a man in a suit or the legendary cryptid, we’ll never really get the answer with this video.

Written by MGDSQUAN

(Senior Editor) MGDSQUAN