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No other guidebook explores America quite like this eBook. It is completely outrageous and entirely unethical. Explore every corner of America and its larger-than-life scandals, murders and haunted locations. We bring you the best tourist guide to the obscure. Whether you’re an aesthete, beach bum, culture vulture, ghoul, mallrat or night owl, there is a slice of American Pie for everyone!


. Easy-to-navigate to each chapter with clickable links in table of contents
. Follow a subject around different sections with clickable links at the end of each item
. Links to relevant external web sites for further exploration
. Tips on how to get the most from your tour of the darker side of America’s history
. Advice on how to plan a successful tour on a limited budget
. What credit cards offer best sign-up bonus
. Guidance and advice on travelling around America and within cities


The USA – a country of cutting-edge urban architecture, historic murders that become part of pop culture, art galleries of Satan and free-spirited city culture were anything goes. America is nothing if not diverse and individual. It’s a place where the possibilities seem endless, the sex seems madder, the scandals more salacious, the murders even gorier and the celebrities more outrageous and their drug-taking off the Richter scale!

No other guidebook explores America quite like this eBook. It is completely outrageous and entirely unethical. Explore every corner of America and its larger-than-life scandals, murders and haunted locations. We bring you the best tourist guide to the obscure; if you’re a fan of celebrity and want to visit the donut store where Ariana Grande got busted for giving a pastry some much needed PDA, the karaoke bar where Justin Bieber hooked up with Kourtney Kardashian, stay in the hotel Lindsay Lohan was banned from, maybe you fancy a bite to eat in the joint were Britney Spears and Jason Alexander’s 55-hour marriage came to an abrupt end, or hit the nightclub were Selena Gomez fell out on her 21st Birthday – it’s all here!

If celebrities are not your thing and you like your tours on the macabre dark side, why not check out the street where the Black Dahila was found, lay flowers at the quaint home where Poltergeist‘s Dominique Dunne took her last breath at the hands of her psychopath boyfriend, visit the home of Dr. Louis and Delphine LaLaurie who tortured and mutilated their servants, the motel where Elisa Lam was found floating face down in the water tank of the hotel that had Richard Ramirez as a resident, or maybe you fancy a bite to eat, a glass of gin and an overnight stay at Lizzie Borden’s B&B? Well, it’s here too.

If you prefer your tours with a ghostly edge hop on the ghost train from Manhattan to Amityville to visit High Hopes on Ocean Ave and see if you can get a glimpse of Jodie, the demonic pig. Take a tour around the Winchester House and its 160-room Victorian mansion, hunt for the ghost of Sarah Winchester and other ghosts that died at the hands of the Winchester guns. Check out Franklin Castle and try to spot Mr Tiedemann’s mistress all in black staring out of the tower window, or stay in the Roosevelt Hotel which allegedly has Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift knocking around.

If none of the above takes you’re fancy and you’re more of an alternative art and occult museum tourist, we have the Fort East Martello Museum, home of Robert the Doll who inspired the Child’s Play franchise. Take a peek at the original Annabelle rag doll that gave cinema goers the subplot to the 2014 movie of the same name at the Warrens Occult Museum, or sell your soul to the devil and check out the neon art, controversial satanic imagery and hypnotizing performance art projects at JJ Brine’s Vector Gallery (you can even charge your phone using a vagina), and there is much, much more!

We have something for every tourist need, no matter what your tastes and desires. Whether you’re an aesthete, beach bum, culture vulture, ghoul, mallrat or even a night owl, it’s all in here; there is a slice of American Pie for everyone!

Michael DeFellipo

(Senior Editor)

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