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Monsterman's Horror Almanac


  • 1986 – Amber Heard, who co-starred in “The Stepfather”, “Zombieland”, “And Soon the Darkness”, “All the Boys Love Mandy Lane”, “The Ward”, “Drive Angry” and “Machete Kills.”
  • 1982 – Sarah French aka Scarlet Salem, scream queen who has appeared in “Tales of the Dead”, “Camp Kill”, “Strip Club Slasher”, “Shriek of the Sasquatch!”, “Zombie Pirates”, “The Bitch That Cried Wolf” and more.
  • 1982 – Cassidy Freeman, who plays “Tess Mercer” on “Smallville.”
  • 1972 – Italian beauty Anna Falchi, best known to American audiences as “She” in “”Dellamorte Dellamore” aka “Cemetery Man.”
  • 1971 – Eric Mabius, who starred in “The Crow: Salvation,” “Resident Evil” and “Reeker.”
  • 1967 – Sheryl Lee who played “Laura Palmer” in the “Twin Peaks” series and starred in John Carpenter’s “Vampires.”
  • 1966 – Jeffery Dean Morgan, who played “The Winchester” boys father, John on the TV series “Supernatural. He also appeared in “The Watchmen”, “The Resident”, “The Possession” and most recently appeared as “Negan” in “The Walking Dead (TV Series).”
  • 1959 – Catherine Mary Stewart, who appeared in the films “Night of the Comet,” “Cherry 2000,” “The Last Starfighter” and “The Attic.”
  • 1954 – Marilyn Chambers ex-porn star. She starred in David Cronenberg’s “Rabid.”
  • 1946 – Prolific cult director, John Waters.
  • 1939 – The late Jason Miller who played father “Damien Karras” in “The Exorcist” and “The Exorcist III,” (and was the son-in-law of Jackie Gleason and is father of Jason Patric)
  • 1937 – Heeere’s Johhny………Jack Nicholson was born on this day. He of course starred in “The Shining,” “Wolf,” and his second film appearance, the original “Little Shop of Horrors.”
  • 1933 – Mark Damon, who appeared in the films “Black Sabbath,” “House of Usher,” and “Crypt of the Living Dead.”.
  • 1923 – Well known TV producer, the late Aaron Spelling. He has produced many films and TV series including “Kindred; The Embraced,” “Crowhaven Farm,” and “Satan’s School For Girls.”
  • 1909 – Ralph Byrd who played “Dick Tracy” in film and TV (and even went up against Boris Karloff).
  • 1894 – Rondo Hatton, who made an indelible impression in his short Hollywood career, playing “The Creeper.” The horror based award, “The Rondo” is named after him.

Amber Heard

Amber Heard

Sarah French
Sarah French
Anna Falchi
Anna Falchi

Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson

Jason Miller
Jason Miller


  • 2006 – Alida Valli, appeared in “Fatal Frames – Fotogrammi mortali”, “Inferno”, “Licanthropus, il figlio della notte”, “Suspiria”, “The House of Exorcism”, “The Antichrist”, “Tender Dracula, or Confessions of a Blood Drinker”, “Lisa and the Devil” and many more. She passed away at the age of 84.
  • 2005 – Norman Bird, who co-starred in the films “Doomwatch,” First Men in the Moon” and “Hands of the Ripper,” passed away at the age of 84.
  • 2005 – Maragret Landry who co-starred in “The Leopard Man,” passed away at the age of 82.
  • 2003 – Andrea King, who appeared in the films “Blackenstein,” “The Beast With Five Fingers” and “Red Planet Mars,” passed away at the age of 84.
  • 1999 – Bert Remsen, character actor who appeared in the films “Tarantula: The Deadly Cargo,” “TerrorVision” and “Humaniods From the Deep,” passed away at the age of 74.
  • 1967 – Tom Conway who appeared in “The Atomic Submarine,” “Voodoo Woman,” and “I Walked With A Zombie,” passed away at the age of 62.
  • 1946- The great character actor Lionel Atwill passed at the age of 61. His many film appearances included “Son of Frankenstein,” “Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man,” and the “Houses” of both “Frankenstein,” and “Dracula.”

Alida Valli

Alida Valli

Tom Conway

Tom Conway

Lionel Atwil
Lionel Atwil


Bride of Frankenstein 1935
Fingers at the Window 1942
Bedlam 1946
Invaders From Mars 1953
The Monster of Piedras Blancas 1959
Hands of a Stranger 1962 a.k.a. Hands of the Strangler
The Beast Must Die 1974
The Deadly Spawn 1983
The Unholy 1988
Lady in White 1988
Tetsuo The Iron Man 1992 filmed in 1989
976-Evil II 1992
Brainscan 1994
Witchunter 2002
Deadly Species 2003
Dead Birds 2004
Graves End 2005

The Bride of FrankensteinThe Monster of Piedras Blancas movie poster

The Beast Must Die movie poster

Brainscan movie poster




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