Sassier Than ‘Mean Girls,’ More Magic Than ‘Oz,’ Sugar Skull Girls is Headed Your Way in 2017!

sugar-skull-girls-new1The Sisters of “The Shadow”
Get a U.S. Deal!

Just like a teen aged girl shopping at the mall for that perfect pair of shoes, Potent Media signs a distribution deal with SGL Entertainment (after a year long search) for the U.S. distribution rights of THE SUGAR SKULL GIRLS. Expect to see Sugar Skull Girls hit the market in first quarter of 2017. With availability on Blu-ray and DVD, and all forms of digital streaming, you won’t be able to swing a dead pumpkin soldier without hitting a place to find this movie.

SYNOPSIS: Three demonic sisters who resemble neo-goth voodoo dolls are accidentally conjured from the other side during a failed attempt to raise a little girl from the dead. With impeccable fashion sense and teen aged angst, the Sugar Skull Girls will stop at nothing to escape the clutches of The Pale Witch, the ruler of The Shadow world.

The film is written and directed by Christian Grillo, produced by Christian Grillo, John Kent, David Gechman, and Carmela Hayslett; and stars Addy Miller, Carmela Hayslett, Cece Hagen, Anika Buchanan, Isabella Sobejano, Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes), John Amplas (Day of the Dead) and Leslie Easterbrook (The Devil’s Rejects).

“We never go in the same direction twice. From comedic thriller Booley to back woods crime drama Deer Crossing to serial killers competing for attention in Apocalypse Kiss,” Potent Media founder Grillo explains, “the cross over to a kids film was the uncharted terrain we needed. SGL Entertainment had the right mix of honesty and aggressiveness that we needed to feel comfortable handing over our Sugar Baby to. They understand the costs involved in making a lower budget movie and make it possible to get your material out to the world without selling your soul.”

Michael DeFellipo

(Senior Editor)

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