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Freddy’s Here to Scratch Your Back and Hold Your Candy!

Out of the “big three slashers,” Freddy Krueger is probably my least favorite when examined alongside Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees. Still, I’d probably buy this. It’s especially handy (see what I did there?) to display around Halloween season, but it also has dual use all year round to hold your popcorn or snacks during a horror movie marathon!

Rubie’s has this awesome Freddy Krueger Candy Bowl Holder Statue on sale for $31.59. Isn’t it beautiful? It only weights 3.5 pounds, so you can put it on any table or end display without worrying about breaking the stand.

According to, there’s only two left on sale – which means you should jump on this if you’re a Nightmare on Elm Street fan or horror film lover who spruces up your home with horror film memorabilia.



Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)