Comic Crypt: ‘EVIL ERNIE: GODEATER’ Celebrates its 25th Anniversary with New Series!

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Wow, it’s hard to believe that Evil Ernie has been around for 25 years now! In celebration of his anniversary, Dynamite Entertainment’s Chaos! Comics horror brand has returned this summer in an all-new miniseries Evil Ernie: Godeater written by Justin Jordan. Get more details on this new series after the break.

From The Press Release

Evil Ernie is back to celebrate his 25th Anniversary, courtesy of acclaimed writer Justin Jordan (The Strange Case of Luther Strode, Green Lantern: New Guardians) in his Dynamite Entertainment debut! The original psycho killer from the fan-favorite Chaos! Comics horror brand returns this summer in an all-new miniseries written by Jordan, featuring artwork by the talented Colton Worley (Project Superpowers: Blackcross), and jam-packed with bonus content!

In Evil Ernie: Godeater #1, something bad is coming. Something that could kill Heaven, Hell, and Earth itself: The Godeater. And the only thing standing its way is… Evil Ernie? Face it, we’re probably all screwed! Dynamite Entertainment proudly welcomes Justin Jordan, the Harvey Award-winning writer of such horror hits as The Strange Talent of Luther Strode and Shadowman, as he debuts the all-new “Godeater” storyline, an event so epic in scope, it promises to shake the very foundations of the Chaos! universe!

“The original Evil Ernie series was one of the very first comics I saw that wasn’t about superheroes and wasn’t intended for an all-ages audience, and it changed how I look at comics. So being able to actually write a character who changed my life twenty-odd years ago is actually cooler than I can easily sum up,” says Jordan. “I am doing my level best to make sure that fans of Ernie are getting something they have never seen before, while still being the character they’ve loved for the past couple of decades. I hope that they think it’s awesome and horrifying, and that I got the character right.”

Artist Colton Worley, whose many previous Dynamite projects include such atmospheric icons as The Shadow, Vampirella, and The Complete Dracula, says, “Hopefully fans will like what I’ve done with Ernie here, because I’ve had a lot of fun working on this book. Psycho-monsters, the undead, and a talking button — what’s not to like?”

In addition to the 22-page “Godeater” story, Evil Ernie #1 features considerable bonus material, including an in-depth interview with Justin Jordan about Evil Ernie and the Chaos! Comics universe, Ernie character designs by Colton Worley, and the first chapter of “Last Ditch Bitch”, a serialized back-up feature written by Keith Davidsen (Reanimator) and illustrated by Cezar Razek (Doc Savage). As if one potential doomsday wasn’t enough, Dynamite delves further into the Chaos mythology with the introduction of Liv Halvorsen, lead singer of a Scandinavian Death Metal band… and an unwitting pawn in Ragnarok!

“As a longtime fan of the Chaos! Comics universe, I’m absolutely thrilled to contribute to the new series,” says Keith Davidsen, writer of the serialized back-up storyline. “Each issue, artist Cezar Razek and I will provide four-page chapters to a story called ‘Last Ditch Bitch’, delving into the character and motivations of Evil Ernie’s former lover, Mistress Hel, as demonstrated through her manipulation of a new character named Liv. Also, an ultra-popular Chaos! character will make a earth-shaking appearance… but his or her identity will have to remain a secret for now! All in all, Justin Jordan’s Godeater storyline and the Mistress Hel bonus story will give fans their recommended monthly allowance of blood, sex, violence, and rock ‘n roll!”

The Chaos! Comics horror line launched in 1991 with Evil Ernie #1, originally published by Eternity Comics, subsequently by Chaos! Comics, and eventually finding a home at Dynamite Entertainment. Tens of millions of Chaos! comic books have sold into the marketplace, making its distinctive creature characters instantly recognizable to an entire generation of comic fans. Since 2012, Dynamite has reimagined the entire line with series dedicated to Evil Ernie, Purgatori, Chastity, Lady Demon, Smiley the Psychotic Button, and more.

Evil Ernie: Godeater debuts in August, and features three covers: Cover A by Lucio Parillo, Cover B by Ben Templesmith, and a special “Action Figure” Subscription Cover C by Michael Adams! Incentive variant editions will be available from select retailers, including a Design Sketch edition by Colton Worley. Look for more info in the June cover-dated Diamond Previews catalog, and pick up the first issue on August 3rd!

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