Is the Mothman Stalking Illinois Residents?


The Mothman was sighted twice in February, though the geography of the sightings has expert Crytpozoologists stumped.

On February 11, a woman was letting her dogs out before she went to bed. As she flipped the light on to illuminate the backyard, she says that she saw a large creature lurking on her roof of her garage. She stared at it in horror for twenty seconds before the creature took off, straight up into the sky with a wingspan of about 9 inches. A man also saw the creature two weeks prior, but the story was less widely circulated.

There are two things about the sightings that are a bit mysterious. First, The Mothman is often described as massive, with a wingspan of over six feet in length, and sporting glowing red eyes. The tiny stature of the creature in the February 2016 sightings leads me to believe that all both witnesses saw was a bat. Secondly, The Mothman is said to frequent Point Pleasant, West Virginia, which is about 440 miles from Illinois.

The Mothman is known to be an omen who appears before great tragedy. He came to fame after a series of appearances throughout November 1966 and December 1967; the appearances ending after the Silver Bridge Collapse, a tragic event that claimed the lives of 46 people. Whether an omen, or the object of overactive imaginations, I’m glad to see the legend of the cryptid is one that still lingers.


Michael DeFellipo

(Senior Editor)

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