E3 2016 Day 1 Recap


So today marks the start of our E3 2016 coverage and wow what an amazing start. Well we will start with Nintendo’s Booth with not much for horror or sci-fi fans but it you love the Legend of Zelda then you’re in for a treat with the announcement of The Legend of Zelda: A Breath of Wind, and the announcement of Pokemon: Sun and Moon. Unfortunately Nintendo didn’t have much to announce and are holding off on revealing their new console only referred as NX.

Up next is Capcom’s booth, although most of it was revealing new 3ds such as Monster Hunter Generations and Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice. The heavy hitters for Capcom were the announcement of Dead Rising 4, which takes place in the town of Dead Rising 1 during Christmas And Resident Evil 7, which is done in the new RE Engine and promises to bring the genre back to its roots of horror as it’s camera style, VR capabilities and environments are similar to the cancelled Silent Hills Demo P.T.

Over at the Ubisoft Booth fans got to take a look at the new titles coming, one for example is Ghost Recon: Wildlands which will take the Ghost Recon series to open world environments. For Honor Ubisoft’s new IP which has the players pick one of three factions to duke it out in fast-paced medieval combat. Matt Stone and Trey Parker are back with a hilarious new game South Park: The Fractured but Whole (you get the idea for the title). Hack the streets of beautiful San Francisco in Watchdogs 2, which promises to be a lot more enjoyable than the first and introducing co-op into the mix. The Division which was released last year made news at E3 when Ubisoft announced the two new DLC’s for the series. And last but certainly not least for all you trekkies out there, Ubisoft revealed Star Trek: Bridge Crew, A VR experience where you play as the bridge crew from the show.

E3 2016 is showcasing the future of video games as we head into the age of VR. With over majority of the upcoming titles either being VR only or VR capabilities, it’s safe to say that the future is looking pretty awesome for gamers! We’ll be back tomorrow for day 2 of E3 2016 talking about the PlayStation and Xbox booths as well as the star of show Bethesda and their upcoming titles and reveals.


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