Troma Entertainment Acquires Greg DeLiso’s Hectic Knife and New York City Premiere


Ladies of the Night agree that the “Hectic” keeps the scumbag sick perverts that lurk the dark alleys of a crime stricken city at bay, at least for now!

Finally a vigilante with some street-credit and a psychological paradox that doesn’t involve bourgeois baggage and Daddy-issues! Troma Entertainment has acquired “Hectic Knife”, an action-horror-comedy film directed by Greg DeLiso. The new acquisition will be celebrated this month with a New YorkCity Premiere Brooklyn rooftop screening at Our Wicked Lady at 8:00 PM on July 28th, 2016 as a pre-party fundraising event for TromaDance, the companies Film Festival which runs the weekend of July 29th and 30th.   it was announced today by Lloyd Kaufman, prexy of Troma Entertainment and creator of The Toxic Avenger.

DeLiso cites Troma Entertainment as an early influence and inspiration in his pursuit of filmmaking;

“Of all the self help, directing 101, learn how to talk to actors nonsense out there, the only real nugget of truth comes from Lloyd Kaufman: Make Your Own Damn Movie. That’s the most important thing. But, for me the next most important thing is working with a distribution company like Troma that understands that the best thing for a movie is for people to see it! Viva la Troma! — the only company out there that understands movies and movie makers!”
DeLiso’s movie portrays a down and out crime-fighting, knife-wieldingvigilante hero (character, “Hectic Knife”, played by Peter Litvin), who faces a life-changing disruption when a new super villain, the evil “Piggly Doctor” (played by J.J. Brine), arrives in town. .

Will Hectic be able to find the chosen technology in time to save the entire world!?

Some of the answers to these questions, plus tons of blood, babes and bagels (?!)  populate this insane and graphic pulp comedy/slasher!

The carefully crafted retro feel to Hectic Knife  is a  reverential nod to cinematic symbolism, and film archetypes are referenced throughout the course of the movie. Characters experience inexplicable flashbacks, imagery like a lone tear traveling down the withered hero’s cheek and Mighty Aphrodite -esque hookers with a heart of gold weave together to tell Hectic’s story.
This bizarre and hilarious, genre-bending comedy is a modern marvel of movie-making from the school of Tromatic Tradition!
The rooftop screening at Our Wicked Lady on July 28th will be attended by director Greg DeLiso along with a Q & A after the film. The event is a pre-party fundraiser for The 17th Annual TromaDance, Troma Entertainment’s free to submit, free to attend celebrated Film Festival that includes both short and feature length movies from international independent filmmakers that is followed by a World Famous afterparty, also free to guests!
Details for the event are available below, along with a link to the Facebook event page:
Film Screening with Director Q+A
Brown Paper Tickets: 
135 Morgan Ave
Brooklyn NY 11237
July 28th
The Druid Underground Film Festival is proud to present Troma’s HECTIC KNIFE, an off the wall bonkers horror-comedy masterpiece of weirdo sex and gore. Join host Billy Burgess for a screening of the film and a special Q&A with director Greg LeLiso. It’s good cheap fun!

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