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Indie Horror film On The Brain Released

Submitted by: Christopher Zisi


What’s on your mind? Grocery shopping? Office politics? School? ….or perhaps a menacing parasite that causes homicidal behavior!  In “On the Brain” (available on DVD on July 12th), it’s the latter.  In true icky fashion, the worm like parasites are literally all in peoples’ heads. In a classic horror movie theme, the big time cop, who leaves the big city to take over the chief (or sheriff) job in a small, peaceful town, finds blood, guts, mayhem, and horror.  This career move has the same consequences as teens having pre-marital sex.  Part medical thriller, part zombie flick, and all horror, “On the Brain” is a quirky and ominous tale.  Though the social commentary is there for anyone to uncover, this film works at delivering the scares with some neat characters.

Incredibly fast paced, as bodies pile up in gory fashion, “On the Brain”  doesn’t let up.  We do get the sense that our sheriff and his pretty doctor friend are in a race against against a speedy clock. To order the DVD for this film, click on this link DVD or to find out more on Facebook, click on this link Facebook .  So whether you believe all men are indeed ghoulish pigs, or you believe that women complicate any situation they interfere in, “On the Brain” (skillfully directed by Kevin Van Stevenson) has something for you. – Christopher Zisi

Submitted by:
Christopher Zisi



Written by Mitchell Wells

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