Where Are They Now? : Matt Mitler


9-6Born in May of 1955, Matt Mitler had a remarkable start in the entertainment business due to a slew of horror films that would make him a minor cult star. At 29-years-old, his second credited role happens to be the lead role, Ed Jr., in slasher flick The Mutilator (1984). Matt would stay in the horror and science fiction genres for the first third of his career, also starring in Galaxy (1986), Deadtime Stories (1986), Breeders (1986), The Occultist (1988) and sequel Galaxy: Mutant War (1988) and having small parts in Basket Case 2 (1990) and mystery-thriller Bums (1991).

During the next leg of his career, Mitler started booking more television roles and experienced career highlights in the realm of comedy and drama, as seen in American Desi and Indian Cowboy. He started working behind the camera – as a writer, director and producer – his most noticeable work being Cracking Up (1994) and horror’s Thrill Kill Club (1991). Also, Mitler started investing time as a voice actor and started voicing numerous characters in the animated “Pokemon” television series .

So, where is Matt Mitler now?

Matt voiced characters in “Pokemon” from 1998 to 2007 before taking a break from Hollywood. He did, however, return to the craft with a featured performance in horror’s Virginia Obscura (2014). His lack of acting roles may be attributed to being the company director of Dzieci, an experimental theatre ensemble that searches for the sacred medium of theatre acting through the use of Native American and Eastern Spiritual disciplines.


Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)