Kyrsyä – Tuftland wraps up production

Bright Fame Pictures, production company of the Finnish horror film Kyrsyä – Tuftland has announced that production for the film has successfully wrapped. The film is set to release in 2017.

Kyrsyä – Tuftland is thespian Roope Olenius first incursion into feature film directing. Olenius is better known for acting roles in such films as Bunny the Killer Thing (Joonas Makkonen, 2015) and Backwood Madness (Ari Savonen, 2017). Roope Olenius states “I’m exhausted, but extremely happy. It feels like I’m sitting on a pile of gold material-wise and can’t wait to start putting this picture together.” The film stars Veera W. Vilo also known for her role in Bunny the Killer Thing and The Years (Sami Pöyry, 2017). “After crawling and running the whole summer in the woods of Finland I can relate to Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance in the Revenant.”

Kyrsyä is also produced by Miikka J. Anttila. “I can’t believe we just wrapped up the production. Things have happened with such a pace with this film that it’s really hard to comprehend what we just did.” The executive production is carried by Sergio Uguet de Resayre from Crumbs (Miguel Llansó, 2015), the ethiopian sci-fi love story that became last year’s festival circuit darling. “With a throwback to the seventies type horror from films like Rosemary’s Baby and The Wicker Man, I believe Kyrsyä – Tuftland is going to be a great film and a great addition to the genre”

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