Fantastic Cinema & Luchagore Productions Team Up For 31 Days of Halloween Calendar.

A mix of old school, golden age and modern horror for a well rounded Halloween season!



Without a doubt Luchagore Productions is one of the rising stars in the horror genre. They’ve won awards at film festivals all over the world, including the Emerging Filmmaker Award at Fantastic Cinema 2016. Their love for the horror genre is intense which is why we at Fantastic Cinema thought it would be great to have them kick off the inaugural Halloween Horror Movie Calendar.

We asked Luchagore to name 31 of their favorite horror movies that they fill are essential viewing in the month of October. So if you are one of the many horror fans who watch at least one horror movie a day in October, we invite you to join us in celebrating “A LUCHAGORE PRODUCTIONS HALLOWEEN” by watching all the movies on this special calendar.

ABOUT LUCHAGORE PRODUCTIONS: Luchagore Productions is an award winning Horror production company based in Vancouver, Canada. Founded in 2013 by Gigi Saul Guerrero, Luke Bramley, Raynor Shima, and Gordon Cheng for their love of making films in the horror genre.

Some of their recent successes include the short film Dia De Los Muertos part of Mexico Barbaro, a Mexican horror anthology. M is for Matador, which is officially a part of the ABC’s of Death 2.5. And now Luchagore is working with horror novelist Shane McKenzie on a new Horror feature El Gigante, which is their company’s most successful short yet, winning the attention of festivals world wide! Luchagore has made well over 16 shorts which include viral sensations Evil Dead in 60 Seconds and A Luchagore Christmas featured on Eli Roth’s CryptTV. The future has a lot of big projects lined up for Luchagore Productions.

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ABOUT FANTASTIC CINEMA: Fantastic Cinema celebrates storytelling, imagination and innovation in all genre films. Bring us your bold visions, your magical, your scary, your alien, your frightening, your mutation, your fantastic; we want it all. Fantastic Cinema hosts the Fantastic Cinema & Craft Beer Festival held in Little Rock, Ark with year 3 tentatively set for March 29 thru April 2, 2017. The festival is currently accepting film submissions via Film Freeway:

Fantastic Cinema also holds the Fantastically Horrifying Cinema festival in the Fall of each year. This years Fantastically Horrifying Cinema takes place October 17-29. For more information visit and


For reference here is a list of the 31 films on the calendar.

• The Evil Dead
• Suspiria
• The Shining
• Rosemary’s Baby
• The Conjuring
• Night of the Living Dead
• It Follows
• Silence of the Lambs
• Scream
• Saw
• Martyrs
• The Witch
• The Mist
• Friday the 13th
• A Nightmare on Elm Street
• Carrie
• Poltergeist
• House of 1000 Corpses
• The Blair Witch Project
• 28 Days Later
• Paranormal Activity
• Psycho
• Rec
• Child’s Play
• The Ring
• Maniac
• Audition
• The Devils Rejects
• Santa Sangre
• The Exorcist
• Halloween (2007)


Michael DeFellipo

(Senior Editor)

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