“Where Demons Dwell” Teaser Trailer Arrives

Shady Dawn Pictures has released the teaser trailer to its next feature-length horror film “Where Demons Dwell.”

Sisters Adelaide and Abigail don’t bat an eye when their father Jack brings home a troubled little girl named Caroline. They agree to help look after her while her parents sort things out. However, when the girls are attacked by supernatural forces, they quickly realize that Caroline isn’t their only guest.  Several malevolent, demonic entities have taken residence in their home, intent on destroying the family.

“Where Demons Dwell” is a classic haunted house story, partly inspired by various actual accounts of demonic hauntings.  The film was written and directed by Ryan Callaway (“The Girl in the Cornfield”, “The Watchers”) and stars Michelle Lulic, Sami Bray, Tiffany Browne-Tavarez, Hayley Wayne, and other up and coming TV and film actors and actresses.

A limited theatrical release is planned along with a DVD and VOD release on Friday the 13th in January.

Keep an eye out for the official trailer on Halloween.

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