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(Gallery) Nostalgia reigns supreme in Electric Zombie’s Halloween 2016 Line

A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Real Ghostbusters, Monster Cereals & more featured!


Nostalgia reigns supreme in pop culture today, but no brand harnesses it quite like Electric Zombie. The apparel company has released its Halloween 2016 line, which is sure to conjure up fond memories of trips through the video store horror section.

The Halloween 2016 line kicks off nine T-shirts featuring characters from Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Lost Boys, Predator, and Ghostbusters, to name a few. There’s also a vintage-inspired orange tee with a menagerie of monsters that’s perfect for Halloween.

Other clothing includes a matching pair of pajama pants and “Creep Feet” socks featuring a spooky all-over skeleton print. They make for an easy Halloween costume, fashionable sleepwear, or everyday outfit.

Supplement your Halloween decor with new artwork. First up are posters for A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master and The Lost Boys. Two of the shirt designs based on The Real Ghostbusters are also available as posters: one features a monstrous canister of Ecto-Plazm, while the other shows parodies the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II poster with the Ghostbusters and some of horror’s most iconic villains.

For many Halloween aficionados, the first Monster Cereals sighting marks the beginning of the season. Electric Zombie and Horror Decor have teamed up to capture the familiar look and smell with the Franken Burried marshmallow-scented candle, complete with a custom label.

“Overall, this was a super spooky release!” enthuses Electric Zombie owner Kyle Crawford. “I got to time travel and renovate some old designs, and there’s a butt-load of new stuff. I just went over the top and fit what I could fit and make work without going overboard. It was a great challenge to take and conquer.”

Electric Zombie’s Halloween 2016 collection is on sale now at Most products ship immediately, though select items are pre-orders and will ship in October. See the product pages for details.

















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