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Horror Society Exclusive: Hell House LLC Invites You Back to a True Tragedy with these Two Clips

Terror Films is set to unleash Hell House LLC, this November. This found footage styled feature involves a tragedy, at a haunted house attraction. Several documentarians return to the site of the tragedy, only to find something even more terrifying. The film stars: Danny Bellini, Ryan Jennifer, Gore Abrams and Theodore Bouloukos. And now, two new clips are available for Hell House LLC, titled “Your Guess is as Good as Mine” and “The Night Visitor.”

The two new clips talk more of the tragedy. One interviewee mentions a self-inflicted knife wound. In the second clip, a scary looking woman invades a sleeping man’s parlour, only to cause more screams as the light grows dim. The terror of Hell House LLC begins during the first week of November.

On November 1st, the film will be available on most Video-on-demand platforms. Amazon Instant, YouTube, Xbox, VUDU, Sony PlayStation, Vimeo On Demand, Google Play and iTunes will each host the release. And, fans of found footage or indie horror fans, in general, can find more on Stephen Cognetti’s Hell House LLC, in just a few weeks!

The “Your Guess is as Good as Mine” clip:

The “Night Visitor” clip:

The film is available for pre-orders, at iTunes:

*the film will also be released on Amazon Prime, the 24-Hour Movie Channel on Roku, DVD and Cable VOD, at a later date.

An official trailer for the film:

The film’s official Facebook page:

More on the film will be made available here:


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