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We Are the Flesh (Review)

Director – Emiliano Rocha Minter (Inside)
Starring – Noe Hernandez (A Monster with a Thousand Heads), Maria Cid (Los Egoistas), and Diego Gamaliel
Release Date – 2016
Rating – 3.5/5

Alright, now back to the horror.  I had to take a few days away from my beloved genre to let my battery charge and check out some sleaze and trash.  After having a sexploitation double feature and a trash anthology I decided to venture back to some horror and check out the Mexican horror film We Are the Flesh.

This was one I was excited to check out but before I could I saw several horror friends on social media blasting the film.  Some called it too extreme, others called it disgusting, and a good portion just said it sucked.  As most of you know, I tend to go against the crowd and their words only fueled my desire to see the film and now I fucking love it!

**Spoiler Alert**The film follows Mariano (Hernandez) who lives by himself in a building where he trades things for eggs and spends most of his time working on the building.  After a night of heavy drinking a brother and sister pair wonder into his building looking for refuge and food.  Mariano awakes the next day and offers to feed them and let them stay as long as they do what he says.  They agree and he feeds them eggs and they help him work on the building.

Mariano becomes close with the young girl and starts to verbally abuses the brother until he steals a syringe from Mariano.  Mariano knows he stole it and poisons them until he gets it back.  This opens the sister up for sexually explore Mariano and in turn she seduces her brother.  Mariano watches and dies from a heart attack from all the excitement.  The two live alone in the building for some time but the sister continues to seduce the brother until Mariano reappears and the indulging of the flesh begins.**Spoiler Alert**

Before I get any further into the review I have to say that I don’t understand where people were getting that this film is extreme.  Surely, we were not watching the same film because this film was rather tame in comparison to so many others.  The film was very unique and pushed boundaries but it wasn’t that far out there.  In fact, I wouldn’t call it extreme at all.  More like a contemporary erotic thriller.

The acting in this one is one sided.  The cast shows very little experience or they have a hard time bringing their characters to life.  With that being said, Noe Hernandez is fucking fantastic.  Watching him perform was surreal.  He dedicated his entire being into his role and it shows.  I highly doubt I will be able to find another performance that tops it.  The rest of the cast comes nowhere near his level.

The story for this one is simple.  The world has ended, or so we think, and people are struggling to survive.  Some people are searching for a way to survive while others have found a way to make life simpler.  We have seen characters like this before in several other movies.  Nothing new there but what makes this one so different is how these characters interact and handle themselves when around one another. The relationship between the young girl and Mariano is what drives the movie and makes is so damn entertaining.  The film does offer up some fun but it does have a few slow scenes that makes the film difficult to follow at times.

As for the extreme portions people are complaining about.  The film does use the awkwardness of incest to mess with the viewer.  This does make me uncomfortable but it ends there.  We get a blowjob scene and a quick gag with period blood but that is about the end of it.  For those of you that follow Vinegar Syndrome then you have seen this stuff before.

Finally, if you are looking for blood and gore you will find some here but the use of CGI ruins the effect.  The film is mostly erotic and character driven until the last portion of the film and then we are given some quick blood and a decapitation.  Sadly, the way this was done ruins the complete gag.  Overall, We Are the Flesh is a unique erotic horror film that needs to be seen to be believed.  The film does get some hate but if you are open to the experience then you will really enjoy yourself.  If you have the opportunity to check it out then do yourself a favor and do so.


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