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SCARED TO DEATH Indie Slasher Film Trailer Released

The Lavin Production Company (@TheLavProCo) is thrilled to announce the release of the trailer for slasher film SCARED TO DEATH from independent filmmaker Kate Lavin, director of TRAIL OF BLOOD ON THE TRAIL and the innovative choose your own adventure style slasher web series DEATH CHOICE: MOTEL MAYHEM.

Two people viciously murdered at a nearby haunted house isn’t enough to deter four friends from their Halloween plans. As they make their way through a haunted house, the women start to notice that not everyone is there for fun and games. As they cross paths with a killer, these friends go from scared to death.

This movie is expected to be completed early this year and will be submitted to film festivals for screenings.

Courtney Rose Bennett
Michelle De Sutter
Anna Nabhan
Kristy Whitman
Eric Stadler
Brittany Lynne Harvey
Jake Van Hoorn
Jillian Risinger

Director, Editor, Cinematographer:
Kate Lavin

Jeremy Friedrich

Liv Roach

Social Links
Twitter: @TheLavProCo



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