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New Work of Horror Fiction Slated for Release Valentine’s Day “Burning Down Paradise”

Author Eric Kapitan Tells Story of Tormented Serial Killer

“Burning Down Paradise” by Eric Kapitan tells the story of Timothy, a loner who has lived his life not knowing much about his sordid and violent past and how he came to be on this Earth. He’s never stayed in one place for long, and the reason is simple: Timothy is a serial killer who gets his kicks from the deaths of others. He chooses a particular looking woman each time, and the more brutal and bloody the killing is, the more he feels alive. But there is something that haunts even him: a woman who drifts in and out of his consciousness and is always lurking in the shadows. She is his ideal victim, but he knows little about her, except that she is from his past.

When Timothy eventually makes the wrong choice with his final victim, he loses his own life in the process and is sent to Hell. Now it becomes apparent to him that death is simply the beginning of his journey and that his true destiny awaits.

A devastating war between Heaven and Hell is coming. It threatens to engulf everything and Timothy is right at the center of it. When he discovers the true identity of the mystery woman, it is a shocking revelation that will consume him even quicker than the fires that are already licking at his feet. He’s in for a Hell of a time.

“When I write, I write what I want to read, what I think I would enjoy and be interested in,” Kapitan said. “Burning Down Paradise is a story that’s been on my mind for years. In a way, it’s a love story…a rather morbid love story, but a love story nonetheless.”

Burning Down Paradise will be available starting Feb. 14th in paperback and Kindle format on amazon.

About the Author
Eric Kapitan is the author of “Darkness: Poems of Extreme Horror” and “As the Blade Cuts.” He fell in love with the horror genre at a young age, binge watching horror movies such “Halloween” and “Night of the Living Dead.” It wasn’t long before Kapitan wanted to tell horror stories of his own. Never afraid to push the boundaries, Kapitan believes horror should be hard hitting and leave an impression. He currently resides in Vermont, where enjoys spending time with family/friends, drinking a nice cold Vermont beer, and going to horror conventions



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