Author Releases Collection of Horrific Tales

Ever wonder what would happen if you kept a head in a bowling ball bag? Why some actors never seem to age? What a soldier of fortune’s life might actually be like? These and many other questions are answered (sort of) in Tom Elliott’s recently released collection PAPA JACK & OTHER STORIES. The book includes previously published stories as well as new work.

Elliott is the author of the Bram Stoker Award-nominated THE DWELLING (St. Martin’s Press). His many short stories have appeared in Cemetery Dance, New Blood, Grue, and Iniquities, to name a few. His story “Briefcase Full of Blues” appeared in the anthology NIGHTMARES ON ELM STREET: FREDDY KRUGER’S SEVEN SWEETEST DREAMS.

PAPA JACK & OTHER STORIES is available exclusively from as a Kindle eBook.

Written by Mitchell Wells

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